WWE Notes: Santino Surgery, Un-retiring, Wade Barrett Return Date, Bobby Heenan Surgery

Santino Marella, who recently announced his retirement is already having second thoughts. Marella had a recent neck surgery, which reportedly went well. While the doctors did find additional broken bones in his neck, the surgery was such a success that Santino thinks he could be ready for an in-ring return in as little as six months.

Wade Barrett is slated for a December return. Barrett had should surgery just as his Bad News gimmick was taking off earlier this year. His original target was to return in time for the WWE UK tour in November, but was not able to return that quickly.

Bobby Heenan, 69, underwent surgery recently after he fell down and broke his hip. It’s the latest in a series of recent falls for Heenan, who has had health troubles several times in the past two years. He was forced to cancel all of his personal appearance bookings for the time being.

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Source: Wrestling Observer