Alistair Overeem Says He Feels ‘Terrible’ For Injuring Jon Jones During Sparring Session

Things just haven’t been going Alistair Overeem’s way lately.

Even before he was knocked out by Ben Rothwell at UFC Fight Night 50, Overeem was the one responsible for injuring current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at a training session in New Mexico. Jones suffered a torn meniscus and high ankle sprain when Overeem landed on him awkwardly. The injury resulted in Jones being forced to postpone his match with Daniel Cormier at UFC 178.

en before Alistair Overeem was knocked out (technically) by Ben Rothwell at UFC Fight Night 50 at Foxwoods, there was a dark cloud hovering over him for taking out a valuable teammate during training camp.

Last week, Overeem appeared on The MMA Hour and opened up about whether he felt it was unfair for the details of the private training session to become public.

“It was the truth, so what are you going to do?” Overeem said. “Anybody can say the truth. It is what it is. You cannot make it any more nice, right? If somebody asks anybody in the gym what happened, ‘hey what happened with Jon,’ ‘yeah he was warming up with Alistair’…I mean, should they lie about it or something? It was the truth. That’s what happened, and there was no foul play, it was not intentional, it was just a very unfortunate accident.”

When asked if Jones was angry with him after the injury, Overeem said not at all.

“Never has been,” he said. “And I felt terrible man, because I was looking forward to that fight. Of course obviously [Jones]’s had a great career, he’s a great athlete, but I also like him as a friend. So, you never want to do that to your buddies that are your teammates, because you feel terrible.”

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