My Thoughts: WWE Night Of Champions 9.21.14 (John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler)

WWE Night Of Champions 2014


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#1~ Pre-Show Thought: Christian and Chris Jericho was just terrible. I hate to say it but it’s getting to a point where Chris Jericho should probably quit while he’s ahead.

#2~ It’s amazing how much The Usos have chemistry with almost every tag team they faced. A good opening match but also a lot of the same spots we’ve seen in the numerous matches these two teams have had. I expected Gold & Stardust would win the titles here but I hoped they wouldn’t. Nothing against the Dust brothers but as I said before, The Usos are so good with whoever they face and were on a great title run. We’ll see what Gold & Stardust can do now.

#3~ A wicked United States Championship match but a bad Brogue Kick to finish it off. Physical, somewhat stiff and another great showcase for Cesaro’s strength. I’m hoping this isn’t the only match we see from these two.

#4~ Great match for the Intercontinental Championship! As much as I didn’t want Ziggler to lose the belt, this releases him to move on to something more serious (I hope) and for The Miz to enter a (rumored) feud with Bray Wyatt. Put Ziggler against Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt as a face (without changing his character) against The Miz for the IC Title, step back and watch the magic happen.

#5~ Nice appearance by Dean Ambrose to appease the live crowd and pay-per-view audience. It was the little things that made it work. While his ring gear consists of street clothes anyway, what he arrived in wasn’t the typical gear he usually wrestles in, he arrived by taxi with dry hair & his music didn’t cue until he entered the arena.

#6~ That was a great Paige promo video and probably the best promo from Paige since she came up to the main roster. At least it looks like production is finally getting the feel of what the Paige character is. Though the “frenemy” schtick needs to end now. The match itself was good for everyone involved. They didn’t try too hard to be something different or “steal the show” but they put on a solid match that fit nicely into this show, especially considering some of the down moments this show has had.

#7~ A typical main event match that was the polar opposite of what their SummerSlam match was & how different that match felt. You had to know that John Cena was going to get enough offense in to save face and give him enough reason to move on to another feud. And we saw that happen tonight. While a DQ finish may piss off some people, it worked really well for all of those involved. Brock Lesnar keeps the belt, Cena picks up the win and Rollins gets some time in the main event & moves into a feud with Cena. There’s not much more you can ask for when you have a part-timer as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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