Smark Bonus Thoughts On WWE Night of Champions 2014

In what was unfortunately a weaker main event than the one last month that saw Brock Lesnar demolishing John Cena to win the title, Night of Champions saw Cena emerge victorious this time due to a cheap DQ win in the main event. Although Brock was dominating the match again, it was nowhere near the scale of last time, and the finish saw Cena rising above suplexes to hook Brock in the STF, before Seth Rollins ran in for the DQ. Apparently he’s dumb enough to want to cash in on Brock instead of Cena, because after costing Cena the title he immediately tried to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase, but was thwarted by our hero and savior, John Cena. So the fans got a screwjob finish and then didn’t get to see Rollins actually cash in the briefcase. So yay, WWE writers. Continue reading at Sporting News

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