Etiquette Pictures Brings Back the Art House

Vinegar Syndrome has done some amazing work over the last few years in uncovering forgotten cult gems and Time Square hits. Their ability to restore the luster and lust to films have made them more than the usual exploitation emporium. Now they’re launching a new venture with Etiquette Pictures ( The label will deal more with the extreme art house movies that used to get praise in Film Comment. They’re starting Etiquette Pictures off right with The American Dreamer. The documentary follows Dennis Hopper while he was making his messy follow up to Easy Rider. Hopper was at his insane filmmaker prime. Another early title is Loose Ends, the prequel to Patti Rocks. The film launched the career of Chris Mulkey. The still busy actor appeared in Twin Peaks and Boardwalk Empire. Here’s the press release about Etiquette Pictures:


In early 2015, the creators of Vinegar Syndrome will be launching Etiquette Pictures, a new home video label. Whereas Vinegar Syndrome is focused on preserving and releasing all forms of exploitation and forgotten weird cinema, Etiquette Pictures will be devoted to the preservation and distribution of unique, offbeat, and significant experimental films, documentaries and independent features, as well as some contemporary works. As with Vinegar Syndrome, the sole condition of the selected titles is that they must have been shot on and restored from film elements.

Among the titles Etiquette Pictures has secured for 2015 are James M. Harris’ bizarre adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, SOME CALL IT LOVING, David Burton Morris’ Minneapolis shot drama, LOOSE ENDS, and a collection of the short films and features of Jon Moritsugu.

However, Etiquette’s debut release will be Lawrence Schiller and L. M. Kit Carson’s 1971 documentary masterpiece, THE AMERICAN DREAMER, which chronicles the production of Dennis Hopper’s THE LAST MOVIE. Presented in partnership with and with proceeds benefiting The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN, to help further preserve their cinema archive.

While specifics are still being worked out, Etiquette’s inaugural release is scheduled for January 2015. Titles will be released initially as limited special-edition Blu-ray/DVD combo packs, exclusively available through the Etiquette Pictures website and select retailers. After the initial run sells out, titles will be re-pressed in a general release version and sold through all major retailers.

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