TNA Announces, Deletes Appearance By Josh Matthews

Former WWE announcer may or may not be TNA bound

One of the victims of WWE Network-related budget cuts, former WWE announcer (and original Tough Enough contestant) Josh Matthews was reportedly spotted outside of TNA’s offices in Nashville.

This is known because TNA’s website published a newsbite about the appearance. The strange part is that they then deleted the post and it’s no longer visible on TNA’s site.

Here is the original posting on TNA’s site:
Today, Josh Mathews was spotted outside of TNA Wrestling Headquarters in Nashville, TN. Matthews would later enter a closed door meeting with TNA executives. No details on what was said, however will keep you current when additional details are available.

Not sure what that means for Matthews’ TNA chances, if its a legal issue, or just a mishap that will come to light later.

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