Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With The Amazing Race Canada Winners Mickey Henry & Pete Schmalz


On Sunday, in one of the most shocking season finales in reality TV history, best friends Mickey Henry and Pete Schmalz won The Amazing Race Canada and took home $250,000, a pair of trucks, a year of free flights and free gas forever. After trekking 40,000 kilometres across Canada, Macau, Hong Kong, and France, the Muskoka-based duo crossed the finish line in first place and ahead of Olympians Natalie Spooner and Meaghan Mikkelson and best friends Ryan Steele and Rob Goddard.

To say that the result was unexpected, would be an understatement. Natalie and Meaghan had won more than half of the legs over the course of the season and for many, myself included, the Olympians winning was not only expected but an almost certainty. Instead, Mickey and Pete seemed to have saved their best for last and ran a nearly perfect leg and win the only one that really mattered.

On Monday, I had the chance to catch up with Mickey Henry & Pete Schmalz, the winners of The Amazing Canada. We chatted about a variety of topics including how hard it was for them to keep the secret that they were the victors. We also talked about the river rafting challenge in the finale which gave them an advantage that they didn’t seem to look back from and how they were able to excel at the final memory challenge. We talked about how they managed to stay in the Race despite Natalie and Meaghan’s string of first place finishes and what they will do with the money. Finally, the pair offer advice to Canadians who are thinking about applying for Season 3.

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