THE RAGER! Uncooked (CM Punk)

I pulled the plug on the planned RAGER for today because I felt bad for releasing a scatter-shot of anger and unformed thoughts. I try to be as positive and objective as possible on here but it’s always easier to crap on the product, nor matter what the subject is. It’s always a bigger challenge to try to be constructive which is why the Schrodinger’s IWC can be so utterly useless sometimes because it’s always full of angry nobody’s that yell and threaten that they’re never going to watch WWE/TNA/ROH ever again because of x, y, and z. However, the problem with being constructive in this sense is that it’s an exercise in futility because, regardless of how inflated my ego may be at times, WWE is not going to read my fantasy booking ideas and they’re not going to use my admittedly short-sighted solutions. So basically, the purpose of all this RAGER business is to say “Hey, I have thoughts. Do you have thoughts? Let’s compare thoughts.”

However, like I said, what I originally wrote for this week was a shotgun blast of underdeveloped thoughts that were just pure anger at Night of Champions and the rematch show that followed the next night on Raw. In all honestly, that version of RAGER was half-assed and just not good…just like the past week of WWE programming.

Although I did have a good line saying “just because the name of the show is ‘Raw’ doesn’t mean your ideas have to be uncooked.” I like cooking metaphors…I should learn how to cook.

So instead, I’m going to shamelessly plug the CM Punk Top 10 WWE Matches video that I finally got around to making last week for Classy Ring Attire. Watch, enjoy, disagree and remember better times.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The answer: I take back part of what I just said, WWE totally listens to Classy Ring Attire, you should to. We also have a Facebook page.

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