Big Brother 16 News: Derrick Wins, Donny Takes America’s Favorite Player

In the end, while it was the expected result, it was certainly the one that the majority of Big Brother fans wanted.

Derrick Levasseur took home the $500,000 grand prize (plus an additional $50,000 for being a Team America member and getting to the end) after beating fellow Hitmen member Cody in the Final 2. Derrick secured 7/9 jury votes with Jocasta and Donny being the only pair to vote against him.

The more shocking moment of the episode was when Cody narrowly edged Derrick in the final HOH competition of the season and decided to take his partner-in-crime instead of the bumbling Victoria who he almost certainly would have beat.

In other noteworthy news, Donny beat Zach to win America’s Favorite Player.