As UFC Investigates Domestic Violence Charges Against Anthony Johnson, Light Heavyweight Fight With Alexander Gustafsson Is Now In Jeopardy

With several domestic violence scandals dominating headlines in the NFL, the UFC wanted to take no chances and have suspended Anthony Johnson pending an investigation into the domestic violence charges made against him.

“In reality, all the negative that’s come out about this whole Ray Rice thing is actually a huge positive,” UFC President Dana White told media on Thursday (via FOX Sports). “I think that the O.J. Simpson case really put a lot of light on domestic violence and this has taken it to a whole other level. A lot of good has come out of this bad thing. Nobody can deny that video is f–king horrifying. I think the worst thing about the video is we’ve all had as human beings our moments of anger and rage, but after he hits her he just doesn’t give a s–t.

After repeatedly calling him out, Johnson was scheduled to face Alexander Gustafsson at UFC on FOX 13, however that match can no longer be confirmed according to White.

“That fight was done — it was going to be on FOX. Now it’s not done,” White said.

“Now you sit back and wait to see how this thing plays out in court. It doesn’t mean he’s definitely going to fight here, even if it goes his way.”

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