Gotham Spoilers: Robin Lord Taylor Says Penguin Will Return With Ambitions To Govern Gotham

Robin Lord Taylor says that despite being warned by Jim Gordon to leave Gotham city forever, Penguin will not only be back but will return with ambitions to govern.

“He’s immediately learning how to play people off of other people,” Taylor says of his ambitious alter ego’s journey. “His fearlessness in terms of achieving what he wants — which is to run Gotham City — and the lengths to which he goes will surprise people.”

In a recent interview with, Taylor also discussed Oswald Cobblepot’s relationship with the police officer who saved his life.

“Penguin is completely indebted to him. However at the same time, they’re rivals,” the actor notes. “Their ultimate goals, good and evil, are disparate, but at the same time they need each other. Gotham Gertrud KapelputIt’s an incredible dynamic that you rarely get to play with someone, and Ben [McKenzie] is such a fantastic actor to share this experience with.”