WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results For 9/29/14: Will Anyone Get Their Hands On Seth Rollins?

RAW is live from Chicago tonight. What’s the over/under on CM Punk chants? Dean Ambrose also now has possession of Seth Rollins MITB Briefcase. What crazy antics will he pull tonight? Follow along to find out.

Going In Circles

RAW started with The Authority. A CM Punk chanted and Steph asked why people cheer for quitters. She said it is because these people can relate with quitters. When things get tough at their life or job, they quit and give up. And then they steal, just like Dean Ambrose stole the MITB Briefcase from Seth Rollins. HHH started talking about the briefcase being a symbol for the business, and they will not let anyone disrespect this business.

Paul Heyman came out. He said his client Brock Lesnar feels disrespected by the notion that John Cena was within seconds of winning the WWE Title and that their boy Seth Rollins curb stomped his client and attempted to cash in his MITB contract. Heyman said his client directed him to come here to see if he has a problem he has to deal with. Steph stopped Heyman and told him to chose his words carefully.

Seth Rollins came out. He said no one in the Authority told him to attempt to cash in. He did that on his own. Seth said he thought, knowing Paul, that he would respect what he did: trying to build a career on an opportunity. Seth said he wanted to become champion by beating the best, and the best is Brock Lesnar. Rollins said that if Lesnar is offended in any way, he truly is sorry. Heyman said if it happens again, he won’t be dealing with Paul Heyman, he will be dealing with Brock Lesnar. Triple H stopped Heyman from leaving. He said he enjoyed their conversation and to have a nice night.

Rollins then directed his anger at Dean Ambrose and said that this isn’t funny. He said he needed his briefcase returned to him immediately. Ambrose appeared on the screen. Ambrose said he is sick of seeing the Authority out there every week. Ambrose said if Rollins wants his briefcase, he should come and get it. As they walked up stage, John Cena came out and attacked Seth Rollins. Cena then posed in the ring into commercial.

Backstage, HHH told Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury to go get the briefcase back.

So Much Action, Why Not More Time?

Triple Threat Match for the IC Title: Cesaro vs The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler. The match started with both heels going after Ziggler. Cesaro then tossed Miz into Ziggler then hit a gut wrench slam. Cesaro went for the Swing but Miz drop kicked Cesaro, which in turn caused Cesaro to catapult Ziggler into the corner. Miz hit a backbreaker, but Ziggler tossed Miz right into Cesaro who hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Back from break everyone went for roll ups. Ziggler then hit a double DDT. Ziggler hit a splash on Miz then a dropkick on Cesaro, and he followed it up with a double neckbreaker. Damien Mizdow grabbed Dolph’s leg. Ziggler took him out on the outside with a baseball slide. Miz caught Dolph coming off the top and went for the Figure Four, but Ziggler pushed him away and Cesaro caught Miz with an uppercut. Ziggler took down Cesaro and catapulted Cesaro into the crotch of Miz. Ziggler then applied a Figure Four on Miz. Cesaro broke it up with a stomp to the gut. Cesaro missed a charging upper cut on Miz, allowing him to hit his corner clothesline. Miz went to the top but Cesaro caught him coming down with an uppercut. Ziggler caught Cesaro with a superkick, then pinned Miz to pick up the win.

WINNER and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

Noble and Mercury looked backstage for Ambrose, unsuccessfully getting information out of Great Khali.

A Wyatt Family promo aired. It focused on Luke Harper.

Steph told Noble and Mercury if they don’t find Ambrose they are fired. Miz and Mizdow came in complaining about not getting a one-on-one rematch. HHH said they made him laugh, and Mizdow has a match with Sheamus tonight. He told Miz if he ever barges in to his office again, his straight to DVD career is over.

Layla defeated Rosa.

Free Shirts For Everyone

Dean Ambrose came out with the MITB Briefcase and set up a table in the ring. Ambrose said he was up in the concession stand earlier. He said he didn’t like how the Authority ran their merchandise stand so he was going to have a clearance sale. He pulled out a bag of stuff. He started offering shirts for cheap. Noble and Mercury came out. Ambrose said they sent the Cruiserweight Division out to get him. He told them if they wanted the briefcase to come in there and get it. They bailed. Ambrose said he forgot what he was charging for these things, and he stole them anyways so he gave them out for free. He threw all the shirts into the crowd.

Seth Rollins came out with security. Ambrose asked if they were really security, because he swore they were Rosebuds last week. Dean told Seth to take the briefcase, he didn’t want any problems. Ambrose left through the crowd. Rollins opened the briefcase and he was sprayed with a green slime like substance.

HHH told Kane and Orton they were fighting Ambrose and Cena later. Orton complained about fighting Seth’s battles again. A vibration sound went off. Seth came in and said it was an electric razor in his briefcase.

Bo Dallas vs Mark Henry. Before the match Bo told Henry that he should join the Hall of Bo-Lievers. Henry dominated Bo early. He hit a handful of power moves, but missed a Vader Bomb. Bo then hit the Bo-Dog for the win.

Backstage, Mark Henry attacked Bo Dallas.

Nikki came out before Brie’s match. Nikki complained about the same stuff she’s been complaining about for the last month. Nikki said Brie will have a handicap match against Eva Marie and Cameron. Brie ended up winning with a roll up.

Los Matadores vs Slater Gator. They came out with Hornswoggle dressed as a gator. Adam Rose and The Bunny were on commentary. The Gator came in to distract Los Matadores but El Torrito scared him away. Slater rolled up a Matador for the win. After the match the Bunny ended up hitting a Splash on Slater.

Big Show With Some Relevant Movie Quotes

Rusev and Lana came out. Lana spoke some words in Russian. They showed what happened on Smackdown and Lana said Big Show’s attack on Rusev was cowardly. Big Show came out. He said that was some good propaganda from Lana. Show said it was all a bunch of crap and that Lana can’t handle the truth. Show replayed what really happened on Smackdown. Rusev said he wanted to jam his fist down Show’s throat and pull out his guts. He said he will break every bone in Big Show’s body. Show said enough talking, and he wanted to down there and knock out a Russian. Show came to the ring but Rusev bailed. Show ended up pulling down the giant Russian flag, then tossed a charging Rusev out of the ring.

Paige came out before AJ’s match. Paige said that she has a new best friend since AJ took advantage of her. Out game Alicia Fox. AJ ended up hitting a dive off the top to the outside onto both women. Fox then hit a hard knee to the back then picked up the win.

Poor Mizdow

Sheamus vs Damien Mizdow. Sheamus went after the face of Mizdow a couple of times but he bailed both times. Sheamus tried going for his punches but Mizdow dropped Sheamus on the ropes. Mizdow slapped Sheamus across the face which angered Sheamus. Sheamus tossed Mizdow around a few times. Sandow regained control with a kick to the leg. He hit a running knee and some more kicks in the corner. Sheamus caught Mizdow with an elbow in the corner and started his comeback. Usual offense from Sheamus. He tossed Mizdow into Miz on the outside, then hit a Brogue Kick for the win.

WINNER: Sheamus

Hulk Hogan came out to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

RAW Main Events Are DQ Finishes

Main event time. Cena and Orton started. Orton landed some early blows before Cena came back with a quick bulldog. Orton came back with a kick to the gut then tagged in Kane. Kane landed some uppercuts. Cena came back and went for the AA but Kane’s weight brought him down. Orton came in and worked over Cena into commercial.

Cena tried a comeback back from break but Orton caught him with a powerslam. Orton went for the RKO, Cena countered but then walked right into a backbreaker. The heels continued to work over Cena. Orton went for his middle rope DDT but Cena countered by tossing Orton to the outside. Ambrose got the hot tag. He clotheslined Orton to the outside. He took out Kane and Orton with dives then hit his bounce off the rope clothesline on Orton. He hit Dirty Deeds on Orton but Seth Rollins came out to break up the pin.

WINNERS via DQ: John Cena and Dean Ambrose

All hell broke loose after the match. Eventually Ambrose and Cena had Rollins trapped. They fought each other off trying to go after Rollins. Eventually Ambrose tossed Cena to the outside and went after Rollins himself. Orton came back in the ring and hit the RKO on Ambrose. Kane hit a chokeslam and Rollins then hit a Curb Stomp on Ambrose onto the briefcase. Cena came in and tried fighting everyone but met the same exact fate as Ambrose.


Dean Ambrose Segment: Every week, Dean Ambrose continues to find ways to entertain. His care free attitude comes off so well on TV. The crowd loves him because he is different, and every week he does something different to entertain the audience. Ambrose has a real opportunity with Reigns out to make some noise and I feel confident he can take advantage of it.

Intercontinental Title Triple Threat: Fast paced action throughout the match. It was tough to keep up with while doing the recap. There wasn’t a dull moment during the match. I would have liked to see the match get another 5-10 minutes, but it was good in the short amount of time it was given.

Damien Mizdow: Sandow does not get enough credit for this role. The over-the-topness he has when he plays the stunt double at ringside is great. I would like to see Sandow as a singles star too, but it’s clear he has taken to this role and embraced it. And he is doing a damn fine job at it.


Opening Segment: The opening segment just seemed like a waste of time. It didn’t really accomplish much. The Paul Heyman addition just seemed unnecessary and didn’t really have a point. It felt like 15 minutes of rambling about nothing, which can be typical for a Triple H promo at times. Nothing felt like it was accomplished here.

Multiple Total Divas Segments: You know, I really don’t like this crap carrying over to RAW this much. Between these two segments and the Hulk Hogan promo, they could have given more time to the IC Title Match. No one believes any of the crap that happens on that show, so why should they believe it on RAW?

Breast Cancer Awareness Overkill: Look, I get that Breast Cancer, or any cancer for that fact, is a terrible disease. Cancer has effected my family so I know. But the absolute overkill of this by the WWE will drive me crazy for a month. We get it, you support breast cancer. Don’t say it so much that it becomes a pain and that you come off holier than thou to everyone. Leave a rope pink, mention it once a show, and that’s it. We don’t need every segment. It gets over-bearing.

I thought this show was a bit of a step up from previous weeks. There wasn’t a lot of wrestling on the show, but it felt like it had more direction than last week’s show did. Rollins ending the show standing tall is good if you want to build him up as a top heel threat down the line. He continues to grow into his role well. I’m giving the show a 5. I thought it was an average show that good have used some more wrestling but was also made much more entertaining thanks to Dean Ambrose.

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