Wednesday Comments – Close To Getting Dropped

I’ve got a decent sized pull list. Actually it’s probably too big. I’m positive that I get too many comics. But they make me happy and I enjoy reading them.

That said, there are some books that are teetering close to getting dropped. Sometimes it’s because I’m not enjoying the book as much as I used to. Sometimes it’s because I tried it out and it didn’t take. And sometimes it’s because there’s a creative shift brewing.

Here are some books on the chopping block at the moment.

Wonder WomanWonder Woman is as good as dropped. As soon as Azzarello and Chiang’s final issue has been read, I’ll be dropping that book. It’s not just that I loved their run, but I’ve got very little interest in the power couple Finch.

I like Wonder Woman as a character and she’s deservedly an icon. But David Finch didn’t impress me with Dark Knight, a book I read for way too long after I’d realized it wasn’t for me. I won’t be following Diana’s adventures for much longer.

Red Lanterns & Swamp Thing
– Speaking of departing creators, Charles Soule will be leaving DC as he’s Marvel exclusive now. Provided they continue on with him, I’ll give Red Lanterns and Swamp Thing a few issues to see how they carry on without Soule at the helm.

I loved what Soule did with Swamp Thing, he really carried the torch from Scott Snyder. Swamp Thing has been a great book. Red Lanterns succeeded despite the tough sell premise of characters vomiting blood and being linked to the Green Lantern franchise.

We’ll see how they look after Soule leaves, but they’ll be on thin ice.

Green Lantern & Green Lantern Corps – These books are perennially on thin ice. I’m not a fan of what Robert Venditti is doing on Green Lantern. That’s not really fair, perhaps it’s an editorial mandate. But Venditti’s name is on it, so he’s getting assigned the blame for Green Lantern.

I don’t like how Hal Jordan is portrayed. I’m not enjoying Green Lantern nor Green Lantern Corps. I don’t like the what’s been done to John Stewart. I don’t like the direction the Green Lantern franchise is headed in. I’m hoping that Venditti and Van Jensen get moved off the Green Lantern titles after Godhead.

Outcast – I’ll be honest, this book barely had a shot. I’m not all that into supernatural stuff. I’m not big on demons or possession. But I figured I’d try the book out, especially considering Robert Kirkman has a pretty decent track record.

But the story just hasn’t grabbed me. I’ve picked up the two most recent issue, but I haven’t read them yet. I’ll do my best to ride things out for the entire first arc. Plus worst-case scenario, maybe I’ll be able to see the issues when the show starts.

So those are books that I may not be reading in a couple months time. Am I wrong for wanting to drop them? Drop me a comment if you think I’m being too harsh.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so go out and buy some fresh new comics from your local comic shop.

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