Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Rusev Smells What The Rock Is Cooking

WWE Monday Night Raw was another 3 hour marathon show, but it was highlighted by the surprise appearance by The Rock!

Here is what some of the Pulse Wrestling staff thinks:


Before The Rock showed up to make his surprise appearance, this was a pretty mediocre show. WWE needs the Wyatts back on live TV rather than vignettes (though they are well-done video packages), and it would be nice to have their WWE Champion around again too.

Matthew Harrak

The main event was pretty much was what expected… until Dean Ambrose came out with a damn hot dog stand! Including a ketchup & mustard holster. Yup, you read that right and it was just as glorious as it sounds. I also do like the stipulation scheduled for Hell In A Cell. Of course it would be logical for Ambrose to face Seth Rollins in a Cell but now he has to beat Cena too. Things are completely in the air now and unless they start setting up a secondary feud for Cena, I don’t how Ambrose is going to advance to the main event. At least things are getting somewhat interesting leading into Hell In A Cell even without a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

Justin Czerwonka

While The Rock’s surprise return was fun, it didn’t so enough to take away from the massive flaws that the WWE currently has. It has been the same combination of guys wrestling in the main event for the last two weeks. Yeah, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns are hurt. But it shows how the WWE has failed to develop any new stars in the process. And with how Hell In A Cell has been booked, it makes me really fearful that John Cena is going over Dean Ambrose. That would be the dumbest possible decision. John Cena doesn’t need to ruin what was a great program that was Rollins/Ambrose. I’m giving the show a 5.


Monday Night Raw seems like an antiseptic, corporate shill-show with Kathie Lee, The Bunny, Pink, Komen Shilling, etc. But even as I was dreading the show, when you hear The Rock’s music, it was hard not to mark out. The Rock segment was incredible, the rest of the show was largely bad. It’s good to have Dean Ambrose pushed in the main event but what he’s actually doing is brutal.

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