Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Arrow‘s Stephen Amell & David Ramsey


Arrow returns for its third season tonight on CTV and The CW.

Known for being one of the first comic-based programs to successfully adapt to the small screen, Arrow surprised many when it first premiered, combining the extraordinary elements of its superhero premise with plausible writing.

The series introduced the primetime audience to Oliver Queen (played by Stephen Amell), a billionaire who spent five years stranded on an island that claimed the life of his father. Upon his return, Queen reluctantly adopts the Arrow persona and uses the skills he picked up on the island to avenge criminals who have ‘failed’ Starling City.

The show works on a variety of levels and has set the groundwork for the new season to include flashbacks for characters other than its hero. While the first two seasons have primarily revolved around the idea of Oliver embracing his hood, season three serves more as a showcase for what Arrow can do now that he knows who he is.

Over the summer, I had the chance to catch up with Arrow‘s Stephen Amell and David Ramey to preview the new season. We chatted about whether the show places a higher degree of focus on the relationships between its characters versus a strict adherence to its comic roots. I asked Ramsey about the evolution of his character and how Diggle now serves as Oliver’s partner-in-crime instead of just his sidekick. I asked Stephen Amell to go on the record and address who he would prefer to see Oliver with… Laurel or Felicity, a question that has been highly debated amongst fans of the series. The pair also discussed who the new villain of the season would be (after this interview was conducted, it was revealed that Ra’s Al Ghul, played by Matt Nable will be the show’s big bad guy this year). Stephen Amell also opened up about the interaction he has had with the cast of The Flash and the advice that he gave them before the Arrow spin-off series premieres. David Ramsey also told me what he would like to see in the new season if he was handed a writer’s pen. Finally, Stephen Amell tells me about how we will see a new Oliver Queen emerge this season, a character who has lost everything and is broken.

Check out the video above!

Arrow airs tonight on CTV at 8 p.m.

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