Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Criminal Minds‘ Kirsten Vangsness


One of CTV’s most consistent performers is Criminal Minds.

Celebrating its 10th season, the series that chronicles the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit as they hunt down serial killers remains one of the most compelling programs on television.

The show has undergone a bit of a makeover since the departure of Paget Brewster, with Rachel Nichols, Jeanne Tripplehorn and now  Jennifer Love Hewitt  all filling the role of Morgan’s partner on the series.

Over the summer, I caught up with one of the show’s most popular castmembers, Kristen Vangsness, to discuss the show’s anniversary and how her character (Penelope Garcia) has also become the face of the franchise. We discussed Garcia’s increased role on the team and how fans of the series finally learned her origin story last season. We also discussed Penelope’s role in the BAU and how she has become much more active in recent seasons. No longer serving simply as the resident computer nerd, Garcia has now been in the field and even offered profiles to the media in recent seasons. Vangness opened up about whether her flirty phone calls with Morgan (Shemar Moore) are scripted or ad-libbed and we also discussed how the writers are able to come up with such intense storylines each season. Finally, Vangsness gives me a preview for what to expect this season.

Check out the video above!

Criminal Minds airs tonight on CTV at 9 p.m.

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