Survivor San Juan Del Sur – Episode 3 Review – “Third Time’s The Charm Episode”

I’m all caught up after returning from Italy, and have Kelley in my mom’s office pool. She has said seven words so far.

My mom has Baylor in the pool, and thus has had two close calls in three episodes. Yikes! But she escaped by the skin of her teeth again, and instead…


John Rocker was eliminated! Woohoo! I am not sad to see that schmuck go. He’s a loudmouth and an aggressive bully, and a person who’s shown signs either on this show or in the past of having problems with people of color, immigrants, gay people, and women. I think he’s gross. He was also recruited to play the game and is not a fan of the show, so I wasn’t expecting great things from the guy strategy-wise either.

Now, let me rewind to the beginning of the episode.

angry jeremyJeremy was furious to see Val had been eliminated, given the deal he had with Rocker. I get being mad, but can you really count on one person from a tribe to control the vote? Jeremy believed that Rocker lied when he said he’d protect Val, and was controlling the game. But really, Rocker did try to help out Val – thus, was not in great control of the game.

The Reward Challenge was a test of balance and steady-handedness that did not exactly leave viewers at home on the edge of their seats. Wes beat his father Keith, so Keith had to go to Exile Island with Josh. There, Keith got the urn with the HHI clue in it. Wes thought his dad would get along with his pal Josh, and they seemed to – but Keith said a few gauche things that made me cringe.

After the challenge, Julie was all mopey at camp because “my boyfriend John” was a target. Did you catch that she’s worried about her boyfriend, John? It’s almost like she came on this show only because her boyfriend, John, asked her to and without him she’d have no reason to keep playing. Jeremy and Natalie had no sympathy for Julie – their loved ones have been voted out, and for all they know it was at the hand of that tribe’s puppetmaster – her boyfriend, John.

immunityThe Immunity Challenge was a bit more exciting. Two players, joined by a cord, had to navigate a maze and shoot a ball into a basket. For the third time in a row, the Orange team (I can never remember tribe names) won. That’s great for them, but this challenge domination means we’re learning very little about the tribe members.

After the challenge, Natalie and John exchanged some harsh words. I believe he challenged her to a fight? It’s not like I’m a member of Natalie’s fan club – I thought both “Twinnies” were big loudmouths on The Amazing Race – but Rocker came across like a jerk and a bully here. Natalie started the altercation, but why was his immediate reaction to say something along the lines of “If you were a guy I’d blah blah blah violence”?

Back at camp, Baylor was feeling pretty vulnerable. She was in trouble last week, and she knew she was still on the chopping block. But after finding out that John had been secretly trying to protect Val, had a Hidden Immunity Idol, and watching his outburst after the challenge, Josh wasn’t feeling so hot about working with the guy. Unfortunately, he’d need Alec or Wes to go along with a plan to vote him out – and I wasn’t so sure the guys would go for it. John isn’t winning challenges – the tribe itself is not winning challenges – but it’s not like he’s an impediment either. And he’s catching fish.

At Tribal Council, I was worried Jacklyn had said too much. She does not seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed, not so far anyway. But of course, John was not suspicious enough of her statements to play her Idol. A woman couldn’t outsmart him! I assume that’s what he thought, anyway. Everyone except Keith and Rocker himself voted for Rocker. He’s out!

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad Rocker’s out, or were you hoping for more drama before his departure?