Forever Heel Lists Undertaker’s Top Allies. Halloween Heel Month!

Okay before we begin I’ve read how much people hated the Kathy Lee and Hoda segment. Therefore Forever Heel would like send a big thank you to both women. XOXO, ladies.

I don’t watch NXT much because when I go to the WWE Network I automatically get enthralled with old WCW PPV’s, and survivor Series 1996, but whats with Tyson Kidd? He is finally awesome. I love how he wants to listen to his headphones and is all mad at Natty. He reminds me of another heel I used to love, Marvelous Marc Mero. Marc Mero was the husband of Sable and as Sable become more popular, Mero became more of a jerk. The guy was gold. The problem with Tyson and Natalia is that Natalia isn’t Sable, and he barely see Kidd on Raw. Oh well guys, look up Marvelous Marc Mero for husband and wife hijinks done right.

Okay I’m Counting down a list of the Undertaker’s top allies. I only have a list of nine people because I couldn’t think of a tenth. I would make Rock or Big Show the tenth guy, but they never really cared about allying with Taker. They don’t have much story with them.


9) Steve Austin

In 1998 Steve Austin won his first WWE Title, and immediately became a thorn in Vince McMahon’s side. McMahon’s master plan to get the belt off Austin was at Over the Edge 1998. Austin would Face Dude Love for the WWE Belt, with Vince as special guest referee and McMahon’s top underlings, Pat Patterson and Gerry Briscoe, as guest announcer and guest time-keeper. Austin had the decked stacked against him at Over the Edge until he was able to force Vince to allow Austin to choose a special enforcer. Austin chose the Undertaker. Since that time The Undertaker and Austin have been rivals that had a begrudging respect. Both men are as willing to back each other up as they were willing to kick the crap out of each other.

8)Carlos Ray Norris

Okay this guy is a bit of a stretch. Undertaker was beaten harshly by Yokozuna at the 1994 Royal Rumble, in a casket match. Basically Yokozuna had every heel in the back locker room help him lock Undertaker in the casket. If you may have noticed Undertaker used to and come back even stronger when he returns from the dead. Undertaker would finally get his hands on Yokozuna at Survivor Series 1994, in another casket match. This time Chuck Norris was brought in as the special enforcer, and was pretty much able to keep the heels away from the match (IRS made it, but didn’t succeed in costing Taker the match). Yoko was put in the casket, and Chuck was about as happy as he can get with his mountains of charisma,

7) The Acolytes

In 1998 The Undertaker began his Ministry of Darkness. Other than Paul Bearer, the Acolytes were the fist to join the Ministry. They would go on to win the tag belts, and join forces with Mideon to take on Undertaker’s various dissenters. Farooque and Bradshaw were also the few members of the Ministry that joined willingly.

6) Million Dollar Man and Brother Love

Well it was (kayfabe) Ted DiBiase that brought in the Undertaker at Survivor Series 1990. DiBiase offered Undertaker the services of Brother Love, and they were off. True, Paul Bearer would takeover as Undertaker’s manager, but it was Ted DiBiase, and Brother Love that got the ball rolling for The Deadman.


5) Vince McMahon

In the Spring of 1999, both The Ministry of Darkness and Vince McMahon’s “Corporation” were falling apart, the two teams would merge and become “The Corporate Ministry”. We didn’t know it at the time, but the merger was the secret plan put together by both Vince McMahon and The Undertaker. With the Corporation and Ministry merging, Undertaker would take the Rock’s place as Vince’s new Corporate Champion. Taker would later ally with McMahon after the 2001 Survivor Series when he attacked JR, and force Ross to physically kiss Vince McMahon’s ass. By Spring of 2002, Undertaker was champion after he beat Hulk Hogan for the WWE Undisputed Title. All of this was done with Vince’s blessing.

4) The Taker Buddies

Okay at Survivor Series ’95, these guys were called “The Darksiders”, or something. The team was made up of Savio Vega, Fatu, Henry  O Godwinn, and ofcourse The Undertaker. The point about this team is that each of these guys were The Undertaker’s friends in real life. These guys made up the Undertaker version of the Clique. They also all survived that night, and Undertaker was able to get his revenge on King Mable for crushing Taker’s face earlier that year.

3) Jake “The Snake” Roberts

This was Undertaker’s first wrestling mentor, and taught the Undertaker the meaning of evil as they took down the likes of the Ultimate Warrior, and attacked Randy Savage at Savage’s own wedding. The final lesson Jake taught to Undertaker was not to trust your allies, when Roberts would turn on Undertaker and Paul Bearer.

2) Kane

Undertaker’s greatest enemy is also his greatest ally. Kane and Taker are called the Brother’s of Destruction for a reason. The only reason these two never dominated the WWE was because they could sustain seeing eye to eye for longer than a few months. They began their alliance in the Summer of 1998, and it was obvious that they were heading for total domination of the WWE. The only reason they failed was because their obsession for the WWE championship was stronger than their blood ties.  Both men have taken on the likes of Triple H and Steve Austin, and Edge and Christian. They also faced WCW heavyweights, DDP and Kanyon, and Kronik.

1)Paul Bearer

The man who understood the Undertaker, and could utilize him. Paul Bearer and the Undertaker were close friends from 1991 to 1996, when Bearer turned on Taker in favor of Mankind. Bearer and Undertaker would unite again in 1998 when Taker created his Ministry of Darkness. Bearer would take Undertaker to the WWE Championship again, and the tag titles with the Big Show. After several years Paul would reunite with Undertaker in his feud with the Dudley Boys only for Undertaker to leave Bearer helpless in a vat of cement. The two would reunite once more, but this time it was Bearer that would turn on the Undertaker in favor of Kane. Weeks before WrestleMania 29 Bearer had died. Undertaker would face CM Punk and defeat him, in honor of Paul Bearer. All in all Bearer took the Undertaker to 2 WWE Title Victories, 1 tag reign, and 1 World Title reign.

Your Heel of the Week is Bo Dallas for pissing off Mark Henry, and winning.

Top 5 Constipated Wrestlers

5) Loki

4) Taz

3) Steve Blackman

1) A tie between Ken Shamrock, and The Ultimate Warrior





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