The Walking Dead: Mission To Washington To Offer ‘Hope’ To Survivors

It appears that the theme of remaining hopeful will be one of The Walking Dead‘s primary focuses this season.

In a recent interview with, the show’s creator opened up about how this season will differ from past years, specifically with regard to the mission to Washington.

“We already know that one of our major scenes from the season is this massive trip to Washington. You can already get a sense of just how jam packed things are going to be,” Robert Kirkman said. “There’s quite a bit of material to deal with before we bridge those two storylines. But I’ll say that this trip to Washington, like the first time, it’s certainly about hope, and it’s definitely about a sense of purpose. Since the first season, these characters have been surviving, going from event to event just trying to keep their heads above water. I think that this season finally finds them in a position to start to think about things more long term, and they actually have a clear goal that seems achievable. So it’s a new vested interest in life that all these characters are going to have because there’s actually a goal now beyond surviving, something that they think they can achieve, something that they can all work toward. It could very much bring them all together. It certainly has the potential to tear them apart. It’s kind of a mixed bag.”

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