The Walking Dead Spoilers: Explanation Behind Morgan’s Appearance In Secret Scene, Will He Reappear This Season?

One of the most talked-about moments from last night’s The Walking Dead season premiere was the reappearance of Morgan. Not only did his appearance shock fans of the series, but it was the placement of his scene that also seemed to baffle the Deadhead community.

The scene was placed at the end of the credits, the first time such a vehicle was used by the show’s producers.

In a recent interview with EW, showrunner Scott Gimple addressed the secret scene.

“That [the secret scene] was about storytelling rhythms. That was about, yes, having a surprise for the audience. It also was about sequestering this story of this episode, “No Sanctuary,” into its own contiguous piece,” Gimple said. “And that bit with Morgan is another story. It’s another thing. He’s walking off the railroad tracks, going into the forest, following something. It seems like the start of something. It just felt good that way. And I asked AMC, “Hey can we do that?” They were like, “Hey, that sounds great.” And that was enough for me.”

In addition, Gimple elaborated on whether Morgan can be expected back this season.

“There are clues onscreen to his mental state. I would say that he’s definitely dressed better than the last time we saw him. He looks pretty well put together. You know, he’s not talking to himself. I would say that, just laying eyes on him, it looks like a different Morgan. And then as far as how much we’re going to see of Morgan, you know me very well — that I will not be specific about that. But I will say that it does seem like he is following something, like he’s walking towards something, that it’s the start of something.”

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