Anderson Silva Says He Suffered From Depression After Devastating Leg Injury

Today, less than 10 months after a failed title bid against Chris Weidman where Anderson Silva suffered a gruesome injury (shattering his left fibula and tibia), Silva addressed the media about the incident at a news conference in Rio de Janeiro.

The fighter said that he is ready to return to face Nick Diaz next year, but that he never actually believed this moment would come.

“I play around because I have to play around,” Silva said through a translator. “But it’s something I don’t like to remember too much. I went through the worst month of my life. It was a lot of pain the moment when I broke my leg. When I realized my leg was broken, I thought my career was over. So a million things went through my mind.”

“You might think that depression is not something serious, but I was depressed. I was very upset, and if I didn’t have the people that I have by my side, maybe I wouldn’t come back.”

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