NYCC DC Comics – Green Lantern: Godhead Begins!

The panel was moderated by John Cunningham and featured Robert Venditti, Bernard Chang, Van Jensen, Justin Jordan and Brad Walker.

Robert Venditti explained how far back the plan for Godhead went. Prior to the Green Lantern event Lights Out, group editor Matt Idleson asked Venditti about working with New Gods characters. He wanted the writer to start thinking about them. Venditti dove into the research for the characters.

So when Kyle came back from beyond The Source Wall, it was always planned that the Life Equation would be a part of him. The connection between Life Equation and the Life Lantern was something that Venditti just connected the dots.

Godhead is a huge events because it pits the two biggest cosmic entities of DC against each other. While the New Gods are “good” they’ve been locked in battle with Darkseid for eons, which has shaped them.

Up to this point, Hal Jordan has been learning how to be the leader of Green Lantern Corps. He’s evolved and learned to think and plot before rushing into action. But in Green Lantern #35, despite his planning, he’s beaten by the New Gods.

In New Guardians, Justin Jordan has been exploring the ramifications of Kyle’s transformation. Kyle is learning about god-like power and the central question of the story; can Kyle remain who he is or is that much power corrupting?

One of the plot points in the Godhead one-shot is that the seven power rings don’t make the Life Equation. Highfather harnesses the rings to rewrite a planet, but it doesn’t work out and instead transforms the planet’s residents into monstrous beings.

In terms of artistic freedom, Chang finds working on Green Lantern Corps fun but challenging. He can created all manner of different beings, but coming up with creative constructs can be tricky.

Cunningham loves the last few pages of New Guardians #35. He said it’s some of the most amazing artwork he’s seen in awhile. Jordan added that he loved the look of the planet in that issue, because it looked like a sci-fi planet. Walker worked really hard to create a weird world.

Jordan chimes in that one of the challenges of working on New Guardians is establishing the status quo for a weird world at the start of every arc, so that you can mess it up. Jordan was initially attracted to New Guardians just by looking at Kyle’s power level. It’s not about what he can do with his power, but what he should do with his power.

Walker appreciates how Godhead feels like a natural extension of what the Green Lantern books were already working on. Jordan chimed in that Godhead is the culmination of their various storylines. And Venditti added that post-Godhead, the Futures End issues will have a deeper resonance.

Venditti spoke about Red Lanterns and Sinestro, since their respective writers weren’t on the panel. In Red Lanterns, since Earth is a place of interest for the New Gods and protected by the Red Lanterns, they come into conflict. Simon Baz, the sole GL on Earth shows up. Red Lanterns #35 really speaks to Guy’s journey as a character.

In terms of Sinestro, Venditti pointed out that Green Lantern #35 ended with Hal deciding to seek refuge with Sinestro. The issue will deal with Sinestro and Hal’s relationship, because while they are enemies, they’re also friends and there’s a bit of admiration that they have for each other.

A fan asked about Saint Walker and if he’ll play a role in Godhead. The panel confirmed that he would play a role, but didn’t elaborate.

As to the question of why Arkillo keeps suffering, Van Jensen said that Jordan wrote the sequence with Arkillo’s arm being torn off. Jordan accepted responsibility and explained that he thinks that since Arkillo is basically a lizard, his arm will grow back.

A fan asked why the Black rings and White rings weren’t on the New Gods shopping list. Venditti and Jordan explained that all of the other rings work independently of each other, except for those two rings. But they added that the Black Lanterns will show up.

When asked if it was a coincidence that Darkseid was attacking Earth 2 and the New Gods were attacking Green Lanterns or was there a connection. The panel played coy by stating that it did sound like a plan and there was possibly a connection.

The panel was asked who their favorite Corps member was. Venditti likes Saint Walker. Jensen likes Rot Lop Fan. Jordan likes Giraffe Guy of the Blue Lanterns and Kilowog. Brad Walker likes Kilowog and Warth. Chang is a fan of the Sinestro Corps. Venditti loves Mogo.

Jordan revealed some hints about the Blue Lanterns. Because at the end of the God Killer arc in New Guardians, someone collected the pieces of the Blue Power Battery.

And that was the end of the panel.

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