Trashy Ring Attire #12: Here Comes The Spain

Sorry for the delay everyone, but myself and Jonah finally present to you, the 12th episode of Trashy Ring Attire! We had a post-SummerSlam episode available that was sadly lost due to technical difficulties AND IT DOESN’T MATTER WHICH ONE OF US HAD A HEADSET THAT WASN’T RECORDING AUDIO SO DON’T EVEN TRY TO POINT FINGERS ‘CAUSE WE AIN’T EVEN BOUT THAT SON

Anyway, welcome to Episode 12 of Trashy Ring Attire! This month’s guest is David Spain, the coolest and best recapper currently on Inside Pulse!

A link to listen to is posted below, AND WE ARE NOW ON ITUNES! THE OCCUPATION IS OVER! LONG LIVE THE RESISTANCE! Thanks to the Classy Ring Attire boys for setting us up, head over to iTunes and search “Trashy Ring Attire” and subscribe – new episodes will download automatically to your iTunes when available!

Also now available… one-click free download link!

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This month we discuss:

  • Our newest segment introduced by BD, titled “FUCK THAT GUY!” Who will win the first ever FUCK THAT GUY? Listen and find out!
  • SummerSlam & Night Of Champions
  • Brock / Cena and Brock has Champion
  • The most recent Classy Ring Attire Episode
  • David succumbing to traditional stereotypes and drinking a martini the entire episode!

And lots more! As always, we hope you enjoy.

Next month… frequent Classy Ring Attire guest, Beardsley! He most recently watched the Hornswaggle movie! Listen at your own risk. Also, the most recent Classy Ring Attire episode, Blair filled in for a sick Chris. Check that one out on iTunes!

Thanks for listening and thanks to David Spain for coming on TWICE and being patient with our technical glitches!

Keep it trashy!

BD & Kue

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