Tuesday Raw Roundtable: WWE Channels Vince Russo with an “On The Pole” Match

WWE Monday Night Raw featured a Big Show vs. Rusev match and a finalized double main event for Hell in a Cell.

Here are some of the staff’s thoughts!


Good Raw tonight, at least it was better than last week. Orton vs. Ziggler was a very solid match, and Damien Mizdow continues to impress. I’m also glad it’ll be Ambrose vs. Rollins at Hell In A Cell, which is a solid and fresh main event. Cena vs. Orton 1,000 will be a chore, but I’m sure they’ll do what they do.

Where’s Brock Lesnar again?

Matthew Harrak

As long as Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins go on last, I’m excited for this booking. Of course we’ve all see Randy Orton versus John Cena a million times but I’m really liking the one-upmanship between Orton and Rollins. I say bridge them off into a feud and let the fans decide who they want to cheer, even if that IS Orton. I was a decent match with a predictable outcome but the line of the night was when I heard a little kid shout after Ambrose’s suplex to Cena on the stage “Enough, Ambrose! Enough!”. See, for some people this is still real… dammit!

Justin Czerwonka

Overall, the show was good from a wrestling standpoint. We had three perfectly acceptable TV matches. There also wasn’t too much filler tonight. It was the kind of show that you want to see from a three hour RAW. Have some quality wrestling with a couple of promos sprinkled in between. But the booking is just a big puzzle right now and half the time it seems like it is being done on the fly. But at least we are getting Ambrose/Rollins at Hell In A Cell. I’m giving the show a 6.


After the trainwreck of last week, this show felt less bad. The decision to move the Cena/Ambrose “on a poll” match to solidify Ambrose/Rollins as the true main event of Hell in a Cell was a huge win. The Rusev stuff continues to fall flat to me, but at least it’s a strong push for a new guy. My favorite thing on the show is Damien Mizdow. WWE is super flat still and needs a shakeup in booking.

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