Urijah Faber Isn’t Excited By Prospect Of Fighting Raphael Assuncao Next

While Urijah Faber has accepted every opponent that the UFC has placed in front of him, he acknowledges that he is now in a strange position in the UFC’s bantamweight division.

“It’s a little weird right now when you look at the list,” the former WEC featherweight champion told MMAFighting.com.

Faber is ranked No. 3 behind champion T.J. Dillashaw and Dominick Cruz. Rafael Assuncao is currently in the #4 position and as a result, it would make sense for Faber and Assuncao to meet to determine who gets a title shot against the winner of Dillashaw/Cruz. The problem is that a fight against Assuncao doesn’t appeal to the California Kid.

“Fighting Raphael Assunaco isn’t that exciting to me,” said Faber, who defeated Assuncao at featherweight in the WEC in 2010. “I have nothing against him, he’s a good guy and a good fighter. I just think there are other challenges out there that could be better for me.”

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Source: MMAFighting.com