JR Blog: Jeff Jarrett, Hell in a Cell, Should WWE Eliminate Matches That Arent PG?

In a mid-week blog, Jim Ross had a few interesting notes, here are the highlights:

on Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett will be on our show December 16 and we will review WWE’s TLC PPV event together. We will also talk about Jeff’s plans for the future and the many wrestling projects that he has his hands around. This should be a good show as Jeff and I haven’t personally spoken to each other since he left WWE for WCW years ago. Even though Jeff and I parted ways acrimoniously back in the day, I refuse to hold a grudge or to live in a world where I carry ‘hate’ and anger with me. Jeff knows that I wish him the best in anything that he does and I think that this podcast will reveal that we can civilly discuss the past and the future with professionalism and class of which the wrestling biz isn’t always long on.

on Hell in a Cell
Speaking of Hell in a Cell, I wrote another piece for FoxSports.com that will be published next week about the most memorable HIAC match of all time which occurred 16 years ago in Pittsburgh featuring The Undertaker vs. Mick Foley. No HIAC match will ever top that one which is likely a good thing for the competitors (and their loved ones) that are caged within Satan’s Structure.

Some will debate that the first HIAC featuring ‘Taker vs. the incomparable @ShawnMichaels has been topped by only Taker vs. Foley. It’s a subjective thing but the first HIAC was a damned great match that I loved calling.

Doing HIAC matches in a PG environment are challenging and more stunts are needed to add to the uniqueness of the match with blood no longer being an option.

That brings up an interesting topic…should WWE re-evaluate some of their more brutal matches that aren’t as effective in a PG landscape and replace them with matches that are more PG friendly? Or is that not necessary?

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