Smark Mini-Rant On WWE Network Ads

WWE has announced that it is adding ads to WWE Network…

OK, hands up everyone who is actually shocked by this move? WWE has been affiliated with Hulu for years now, and anyone who subscribes to Hulu Plus already knows the frustration of having your show interrupted by a minute or so of ads in exchange for the convenience of not paying for cable service. And really they had been saying at a previous investor’s conference that advertising was a potential revenue stream for the Network. I personally have been saying since the start that the Network is way underpriced for the value that’s delivered, and if this is what it takes to keep it that way, so be it. The notoriously quick-to-anger wrestling fans online have been taking the news remarkably well, with most people understanding the need for a way to make up the lost revenue from everyone in the world not adopting the Network as planned.

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