The Walking Dead Spoilers: EP Reveals Reason Behind Adding The Morgan Secret Scene

In a recent interview, The Walking Dead‘s executive producer Greg Nicotero explained the rationale behind including the secret Morgan scene at the end of Sunday’s premiere episode.

“We had actually tried to get him back for season 4 but he was unavailable, so the fact that we get to see Morgan with just enough of a tease to go, “Oh, wait a minute. He’s tracking them.” You see the little circle carved into the tree,” he said. “And of course the vines growing up on the sign, so clearly time has passed. He’s not hot on their trial, but it gives us that opportunity to go “Wait, a second, what’s going on?” It’s a great tease. I wish we had a little more time to let that scene play out a little bit more, but we had a great opportunity in this episode to introduce some great characters. I mean, Martin, played by Chris Coy — that storyline between Martin and Tyreese in the cabin. And then little baby Judith. We shot all of her reactions in one take and the most interesting part of that is what made the baby the most upset was when we put her in that little cooler because it was little cold.”

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