Vitor Belfort Pushes For UFC To Create Interim Middleweight Title In Wake Of Chris Weidman’s Injury

After their fight was pushed for a second time as a result of Chris Weidman breaking his hand, the champion’s next opponent has gone on the record and said that he would like to see an interim title created.

Vitor Belfort is scheduled to face off against Weidman next year, but recently spoke to MMAFighting where he said that he wanted to see the organization create titles when champions can’t defend their titles due to injury.

“The fact that I haven’t fought in 2014 will only make my opponents surprised with my performance. I had time to adapt myself and evolve even more. Despite not having fought, I worked hard at Blackzilians and spent this whole time getting ready to win my third world title in a different weight class in the UFC.

The year of 2014 was really full of postponements and twists, but I’m positive that those adversities will only make me stronger and ready for the next challenges. I was expecting to fight and win the title, but I believe that everything happens for a reason. My training routine is intense, it’s part of my lifestyle. I will continue focused on reinventing myself and getting stronger every day, waiting for the fight.

Dana White confirmed that my opponent will have to wear a cast for four weeks, and will be cleared (to train) in six. I have to respect the decision that was made. Unfortunately, injuries are part of the routine of professional athletes.

In this type of situation, everybody loses – the fans, who want to see an incredible fight, the other athlete, who trains hard for a fight, the promoters and sponsors, who want to make it all happen.

The belt must be available to be conquered by the best fighter. I’m in favor of creating an interim title for cases like this, when the champion gets injured more than once, especially in back-to-back injuries, preventing title fights to happen.”

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