Ronda Rousey Says She Would Rather Die Than Tap Out

There is a reason why Ronda Rousey has never lost and it’s because she refuses to.

The UFC women’s bantamweight champion said that her toughest fight so far was against Liz Carmouche.

“With Liz Carmouche, I thought I could die for sure,” Rousey explained during an appearance on ‘Jim Rome on Showtime.’ “I blocked a choke so she turned it into a neck crank. I felt my jaw dislocate and I was thinking I would rather break my neck than lose this fight.”

Many believe that Rousey’s toughest test to date will come on January 3 at UFC 182 when she meets the new No. 1 contender Cat Zingano in Las Vegas. With that said, Rousey says she isn’t concerned and that there is no way she will lose by submission.

“Have you even lost the Olympics? I would rather die than lose,” said Rousey. “I know that feeling so well. It’s not that I’ve never lost. I’ve lost at the worst time so I know what a loss is. That’s why I want to win so much more than these other girls.

“It feels like dying to me. I’d rather die.”

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