Dan Hardy Challenges Matt Hughes To Debate Issue Of Animal Hunting


Dan Hardy would like to talk to Matt Hughes about the Hall of Famer’s penchant for hunting.

“I’ve got no interest in fighting him,” Hardy told MMAjunkie.com. “I don’t want to beat up an old man; there’s no need for that. I respect him as a champion. His time’s past. I’m talking about him as a person, and if he wants to sit down and talk with me, I would love to try and understand his perspective, because I have done as much research as I care to into hunting, and I can’t understand his drive.”

Hardy doesn’t think that Hughes will accept his invitation to debate the merits of the issue but did explain why he called Hughes “a real piece of s–t” on Twitter and it primarily has to do with Hughes’ killing animals simply as a sport or a means to promote himself instead of a necessity for food.

Hardy was irate when when the former welterweight champion posted pictures from a reality TV show documenting his hunting trip in Africa. The show, “Uncaged with Matt Hughes,” airs this Saturday on The Sportsman Channel.

“I believe there is a cycle; there is a balance to the ecosystem, and we play a part as a predator, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t hunt and we shouldn’t use animal products, as long as it’s done respectfully,” Hardy said. “My problem with Matt Hughes, he’s not going out there to fill his refrigerator with elk, or whatever, but he’s going out there to shoot a number of animals for a TV show that