Sons Of Anarchy Spoilers: Katey Sagal Admits That Gemma Sees Unser As A Problem That Has To Be Dealt With

In a recent interview, Katey Sagal admitted that there are troubled times ahead for Gemma and Unser.

Unser pining after Gemma seems so long ago, but it’s clear that their strained relationship will complicate things for Gemma as she continues to hide the fact that she killed Tara from her son.

“She knows that Unser is now working with the police,” Sagal said. ‘She went into his trailer and she saw all the crime scene pictures, so she knows that he’s not believing her. Her plan, too, was that they’d pin it on this Chinese guy, and then it’d be done with. That’s it. They’ve got a murderer, and nobody’s going to ask any more questions, and it’ll just be done. But that didn’t happen, and Unser is a part of it. The fact that he wants Jarry to be talked to — anything that keeps her involved in it is a problem for her. So Unser is a problem.”

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