Survivor San Juan del Sur News: Drew Discusses What We Didn’t See In Episode, Explains His Feud With Kelley

While Survivor fans are still scratching their heads over the deterioration of Drew Christy’s game on Wednesday, we are getting some answers about what went wrong from the man himself.

In his exit interview with, Drew says that he now regrets throwing the challenge (which ultimately led to his own demise).

“I shouldn’t have thrown the challenge,” Christy said. “I think I kind of pissed off the producers and I kind of shot myself in the foot with that. I was definitely delusional with no sleep and no water. … I also said some things I regretted afterwards. … But I was also fighting the elements for 10 days and kind of lost my mind a little bit, turned into a looney toon. It was actually kind of hard for me to watch last night.”

In addition, Christy explained why he was targeting Kelley.

“There was definitely some tension with me and Kelley. First off, we were getting portions of rice and I was getting the same size portion as she was. And she was kind of very opinionated like I am. We just kind of butted heads. I knew that she was gunning for myself or Jon or one of the other strong players that was in my alliance. I really wasn’t having it, so I was kind of gunning for her rather than just taking the easy road and just [doing] the vote that everybody wanted to do, which was either Reed or Julie. So, that kind of backfired on me and here I sit, a loser on Survivor. You can’t win everything.”

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