Arrow Spoilers: Relationship Between Thea & Malcolm Expected To Be Brutal & Uncomfortable

We all know that we will be seeing a very different version of Thea Queen when Willa Holland finally returns to Arrow on Wednesday. recently visited the set and asked Stephen Amell to discuss what we can expect when Thea returns.

“He knows very little about what she’s done [during the past five months] other than that she has lied about where she is,” Amell said. “Oliver calls her on that immediately.”

Wednesday’s episode will be flashback-heavy and feature everything Thea has been up to with Malcolm Merlin since her departure from Starling City.

“He’s been [taking] her under his wing,” Willa Holland said. “She’s been up to — not necessarily no good — just something a little bit different for Thea.”

TVLine reports that the relationship between Thea and Malcolm will be far from normal, and John Barrowman described it as “the most dysfunctional, brutal father-daughter relationship.”

“You’re going to look at it and go, ‘This is too uncomfortable, but I really want to [keep] watching it because it’s like a car crash,'” he said. However, as strange as their rapport may be, “there is a genuine love there and caring for her, but he wants her to be strong. He wants her to be able to stand on her own two feet.”