Ian McCall Expects Easy Win Over John Lineker, Says He Doesn’t Like Rival’s Face

Ian McCall doesn’t think he can get an easier fight than the one he has on deck against John Lineker.

In fact, the flyweight believes his match at UFC Fight Night 56 will be the closest he can ever get to a free win in the UFC.

“Comparatively to the best, the cream of the crop, all he has is the punch,” McCall said of Lineker on a recent edition of MMAjunkie Radio. “Jiu-jitsu, I will walk all over him and in wrestling, the same thing. I think it’s a good fight. I just have to go out there and bust my a–, put on a good performance and finish him.”

McCall said that while he was constructing his gameplan for the November 8 match, he realized that he only had to deal with Lineker’s power as he has no other viable strengths.

“The guy punches hard – good for him. Technically everywhere else, he’s not very good,” McCall said. “I had the same game plan for the past two people as Lineker: speed, numbers, and things like that. It’s not rocket science. I know and everyone else knows I’m better than him. I’ve got to put it all together and I’ll make him look silly.”

The match resulted from the two fighters exchanging words on social media. McCall said that he has disliked his opponent for many years.

“I don’t know what it is, I’m going to rip off a movie, but it’s his face – I don’t like his face,” McCall said. “There’s something about him. I’ve never liked the guy. I have zero reason, but I just didn’t like the way he looks.”

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Source: MMAJunkie.com