Scandal Spoilers: Why Did Tom Blame Jake Instead Of Rowan For The Meningitis Scheme?

Scandal fans were shocked by the twist which saw Secret Service agent Tom Larsen called to answer questions after surveillance footage was discovered of him stealing the strain of meningitis that was used to murder the First Son, Jerry Grant Jr.

Instead of blowing the whistle on Rowan, Tom blamed Jake for the incident (who he had initially agreed to work with). TVLine caught up with Brian Letscher to discuss what happened.

On his initial reaction to learning that Tom infected Jerry Jr.

“The initial reaction was of course shock, because we’re not told those things before the table read. I was simultaneously horrified that my character would do that, yet excited that I would get a chance to be in the middle of things a bit more. But stepping outside of it, you must find a way to get over the horrifying-ness of it and justify it as a character.”

On why Tom decided to blame Jake…

“I don’t think he wanted to. I really don’t think he wanted to. However, he also thinks he doesn’t leave that building alive. This was the only chance he has to survive, now that Rowan’s in the room, with that authority. If I say it’s Rowan [who ordered Jerry’s death], I have no way of proving that, none. So the only answer I have in the moment is “Jake Ballard,” if I want to live to see another day.”