Bones Spoilers: Series’ 200th Episode To Be An Homage To Alfred Hitchcock, Will Be Directed By David Boreanaz

For its landmark 200th episode, Bones is giving a shoutout to one of the most legendary filmmakers of all-time… Alfred Hitchcock.

The milestone episode will be directed by series star David Boreanaz and will see Booth and Brennan star in their own ’50s thriller that is Hitchcock-inspired.

“It’s not an alternate reality, it’s as if Booth and Brennan existed in this world — would they still get together?” explains exec producer Stephen Nathan, who penned the episode. “Everyone is sort of playing their own characters.”

“It’s going to be a huge episode,” Nathan told “There are vintage cars, different sets and all those old processed shots they did in the 50s. It’s going to be a Technicolor spectacular.”

The special episode, titled “The 200th in the 10th,” is set to air Thursday, Dec. 11.