Daniel Cormier Says He Doesn’t Feel Bad For Alexander Gustafsson Losing Title Shot Against Jon Jones

If you call Daniel Cormier an opportunist, you might not be off-base.

The light heavyweight contender has had a history of being the right guy at the right time. Yesterday, fortune struck for DC once again as he announced as the new co-host of UFC Tonight, replaced the recently-fired Chael Sonnen.

Just as he entered the Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix in 2012 as an alternate, but defeated Antonio Silva after Alistair Overeem withdrew from the competition and went on to beat Josh Barnett in the finals, Cormier made the most out of the opportunity that presented itself.

That’s why it would be hard to discount DC’s chances against Jones. While Cormier received the title shot in a strange way (as a result of Alexander Gustafsson injuring his knee ahead of his scheduled rematch against Jones), Cormier was booked in his place. When Jones and Cormier conducted their first press conference together ahead of UFC 178, the result was a crazy brawl that took place in front of the media which only added to the hype for the match. As a result, when Jones suffered a leg injury postponing his next fight to 2015, Cormier was still given the next shot, ahead of Gustafsson who he replaced.

“It’s circumstance, man,” Cormier said. “A lot of things come down to circumstance. This job [with UFC Tonight], circumstance. The fight with Jon, it’s circumstance. You know, like me winning the Strikeforce heavyweight grand prix, circumstances. Sometimes things come down to the person that’s willing to step up when an opportunity if presented. I did.”

Cormier says he doesn’t feel bad about what happened to the Swede.

“But no, I mean, I’m not going to feel bad for him now, and I’m not going to feel bad for him when he’s waiting at the end of 2015 to fight for the title, because I’m going to win and then Jones is going to get a rematch. So, it’s like, Alexander Gustafsson, he was the victim of circumstance. But no, I don’t feel bad for him at all.”

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Source: MMAFighting.com