Harrak’s Thoughts: WWE RAW 10.20.14 (Dean Ambrose, John Cena, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton)

WWE Raw Header - 2014

#1~ I’m curious as to how much leeway the WWE gives Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose inside the Cell. Of course Ambrose & Rollins want to steal the show and probably even want to upstage some of Mick Foley’s greatest Cell moments but will the WWE let them? Rollins is easily one of their top heels and there’s no other top babyfaces besides Ambrose and John Cena now that Daniel Bryan AND Roman Reigns are out. These two men would have definitely done better during the ratings war where any risk was encouraged, as long as the fans were entertained. Nowadays it’s all about protecting your assets.

#2~ WOW, AJ Lee is facing PAIGE at the PPV?!?! Damn I need to sign up for that SMS text messaging system!

#3~ Randy Orton versus John Cena playing up their history at this stage of their careers could have been fun but unfortunately they had to be in Kansas City. Hey, I’m all for driving attention to the Royals but what they’ve done tonight has been a little too much. I do love that Paul Heyman came out to add Brock Lesnar to Cena and Orton’s “rookie class”. And I guess #RKOOutOfNowhere will be trending again after a great RKO on Heyman.

#4~ While the Big Show probably wasn’t anyone’s first pick to feud with Rusev but I think he’s been BY FAR the most effective. When the Big Show is given the ball, he always turns up the intensity and by extension, strengthens his connection with the fans. The fans were desperate for Big Show to get his hands on Rusev tonight and hopefully the Hell In The Cell crowd feels the same.

#5~ God, I think I only watch RAW now to get to the Dean Ambrose segments. His exchange with John Cena was priceless (especially with the Joker reference) and then we got CPRollins. I really can’t say I ever expected Dean Ambrose to introduce a Seth Rollins CPR dummy. Does he get to be the new guy who can “have a good match with an inanimate object”? Mick Foley’s addition was definitely surprising and helped sell a specialty match between two relative newbies who have never been in a Hell In A Cell match. I think Ambrose and Rollins could have pulled it off but adding Foley was definitely a good choice.

#6~ Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler put on another gem but what else would you expect?  Hey if they’re only going to give us 5 matches, at least that gave us one between Cesaro and Ziggler.

#7~ The “street fight” wasn’t much of a “street fight”. Everyone had to tag in and out. And it really didn’t get even somewhat violent till near the end. I did like that Seth Rollins was the only one standing to close RAW but the match left A LOT to desire.

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