Sleepy Hollow Spoilers: Even Though Ichabod & Abbie ‘Adore’ Each Other, Katrina’s Presence Complicates Things

Despite Sleepy Hollow fans asking the show’s writers to finally pair Ichabod and Abbie together, it appears things can’t be that easy.

“We’re not screwing with the fans. We’re really not,” executive producer Len Wiseman told, using words like “charming,” “sweet” and “respectful” to describe the Abbie-Ichabod vibe and acknowledging that “It’s a fine line” between where the Witnesses are and where the Ichabbie enthusiasts would like them to be.

“I do think that they adore each other,” Wiseman said. “And that’s a tricky one.”

The problem is that Katrina will always serve as foil for the Ichabod and Abbie coupling.

Showrunner Mark Goffman added that the Cranes’ wedding vows will always be a “barrier” between the Witnesses “that allows them to be really close without ever having to worry about crossing that line.”