The Flash Spoilers: Flashbacks In Tonight’s Episode To Set Stage For Firestorm’s Debut

Firestorm is ready to return to Central City and the first signs of Robbie Raymond’s return appear in tonight’s episode.

On tonight’s episode of The Flash, flashbacks will offer glimpses of Robbie and Caitlin Snow just before the S.T.A.R. Labs crew prepared to launch the Particle Accelerator that presumably took Ronnie’s life.

“I’m so excited for the flashbacks,” Danielle Panabaker told “It’s a great thing to see Caitlin in her element. She’s a scientist, and she’s excited. This is sort of their Mona Lisa. It’s an incredible unveiling that they’re doing, and she gets to share it with the love of her life, her fiancé.”

While it was reported earlier this year that Robbie Amell will reprise his role as one half of the DC Comics entity known as Firestorm, it appears Barry will take the brunt of her realizing that he might be alive.

“Caitlin is doing a lot of grieving,” Panabaker said. “She’s having a hard time letting go of him, and she’s displacing some of her grief on Barry. I can only imagine the trauma of something such as thinking your fiancé was dead, and then maybe suspecting otherwise.”