Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Hell in a Cell 2014 Go Home Edition of WWE Monday Night Raw

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WWE Monday Night Raw was the last Raw before Hell in a Cell.

Here are some of the staff’s thoughts!


Did not like Raw tonight, save for seeing Mick Foley again and the Ziggler-Cesaro match was good. With Orton landing the RKO Outta Nowhere on Heyman and getting Curb Stomped by Rollins, it looks like the face turn is likely to happen, so there’s that.

But man, Raw just dragged again and Ambrose pulling out the dummy wasn’t funny, and Rusev kicking the obviously planted “soldier” just came off as a cheesy mid-1990s WWE segment pre-Attitude Era.

Also, the loser of last week’s match gets the title shot if he wins Sunday. That’s dumb.

Overall, bad bad bad bad show tonight.


Cesaro/Ziggler stole the show tonight (SHOCKING!). Everything else just fell flat on it’s face. Foley could not save the dumbest thing that Ambrose has done so far, and I really feel like they are starting to dumb him down. I really like that everyone is clamoring for Orton to turn face…please remember the he is insanely boring then too. And, I have to be honest, I thought the PPV was last night, I had no idea that there was another week to build on it…and apparently creative thought the same way.

Matthew Harrak

God, I think I only watch RAW now to get to the Dean Ambrose segments. His exchange with John Cena was priceless (especially with the Joker reference) and then we got CPRollins. I really can’t say I ever expected Dean Ambrose to introduce a Seth Rollins CPR dummy. Does he get to be the new guy who can “have a good match with an inanimate object”? Mick Foley’s addition was definitely surprising and helped sell a specialty match between two relative newbies who have never been in a Hell In A Cell match. I think Ambrose and Rollins could have pulled it off but adding Foley was definitely a good choice.

Justin Czerwonka

This is where I normally tell you what I like and didn’t like. But there’s no reason to do that this week. This RAW was bad. Ziggler/Cesaro was okay but too short to mean anything. The Rusev/Big Show stuff was terrible. Trying to use an obvious plant to get cheap heat on Rusev was stupid. And we don’t even know if Big Show found him or not. And wasn’t Rusev just defending himself from someone who jumped the barricade? The Cena/Orton stuff was bad. I don’t care how you try to spin it, no one wants to see these two fight again. And I now have a bad feeling that they are going to main event with this stipulation. They even found a way to make a bad Dean Ambrose segment this week. When you have five wrestlers appearing on multiple segments, your show is too damn long. But unfortunately the WWE will never realize this. I bet we get a lot of the same stuff on Smackdown. Just a lot of bad stuff all around. It gets a 1 from me.

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