10 Thoughts On.. Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Episode 5 Review

1. Wow. What an episode. The tribal council was riveting. While I initially was against switching up the tribes this early (as I was wanted to see the loved ones compete against each other for a little while longer), I can definitely admit that I was wrong. Tonight’s episode offered the most suspense so far this season and it is becoming much easier to separate the players from the pretenders.

2. There is no question that I was shocked by Kelley’s dismissal. To start, I thought that Jon and Jaclyn would side with Dale and Kelley for sure. I just felt like Jon would look at Dale as a father figure and based on the editing of the episode, I definitely thought Baylor would be leaving. After the episode, I started thinking about it and then I realized how faulty my initial read was. Jon was Drew’s closest ally. Obviously, he would want to avenge his friend’s exit and punish who he felt orchestrated his demise. It makes perfect sense. Kudos to the Survivor editors who did an excellent job at hiding this fact.

3. The strategy that Gervase and Tyson founded on the first Blood vs. Water (in terms of grouping up the singles that are left in the game) is certainly starting to takes shape this time around as well. Jeremy and Natalie started pushing the “Surround & Drown” strategy to Alec and this was nice to see. I especially liked seeing them do this after they were two of the main instigators behind Drew’s dismissal last week. The beauty of Survivor is watching enemies become friends and friends become enemies. Immediately after voting Drew out, Jeremy and Natalie realized that because of the twist, they now needed Alec. Awesome television.

4. In the long run, I believe that Jon and Jaclyn’s decision to keep Missy and Baylor over Kelley will come back to haunt them. Baylor was never loyal to Jaclyn and Missy seems like she will go with whatever direction the wind will take her.

5. With that said, I thought it was very smart of Baylor/Missy/Jon/Jaclyn to target Kelley instead of Dale. It shows that they are all thinking clearly and not letting their personal dislike of Dale cloud their judgment in making the best decision for their game.

6. I don’t think we should discount the notion of Keith using his hidden immunity idol and teaming up with fellow father Dale. Can you imagine how great it would be if these two teamed up to take out all the younger kids they are stuck with?

7. I am becoming more and more impressed with Wes. He seems to have a level head on his shoulders and was absolutely dominant in the immunity challenge. Remember that despite his bond with John Rocker, he had no qualms with eliminating him and that shows me that he is there to play. No one is really looking at Wes as a threat and that actually is evidence of the efficacy of his game. He is not to be ignored.

8. Reed and Josh together on the same tribe is dangerous… for everyone else. These two are acutely away of the game and I am sure they already know that they will be targeted. I am sure they already have a plan in place to combat this.

9. Where was Julie in this episode?

10. I am really heartbroken about Kelley’s exit. She was one of the players I am became quite invested in and I did not see her leaving so soon. I was completely blindsided by this tribal council. Anyone else?