Although He Enjoys Coaching At Team Alpha Male, Martin Kampmann Says He Is Open To Fighting Again

Hot on the heels of Shane Carwin confessing that he would end his retirement to fight Brock Lesnar again, it appears he is not the only fighter suffering from the MMA itch to come back.

Martin Kampmann says he can’t close the door on fighting again just yet.

“You know never say never, but I can’t see myself fighting anytime soon,” Kampmann told Submission Radio. “That’s for sure.”

Just a few months ago, Kampmann accepted the role of full-time head coach at Team Alpha Male, replacing Duane Ludwig. The transition from fighter to coach has been seamless for the Dutch fighter and says he enjoys imparting his knowledge and experience to new and younger fighters.

“Obviously they have a ton of great guys, but I think it’s the little guys, it’s the little things. Everybody still makes mistakes, so picking up those mistakes and correcting those and taking all those weaknesses out of your game is a big part you know.

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