Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Degrassi‘s Eric Osborne & Andre Kim


We are counting down to Degrassi‘s 14th season premiere!

On July 29 2014, I attended the Season 13 Finale Screening party at the MTV Building in downtown Toronto.

Just prior to screening the final two episodes of the season, I caught up with a variety of castmembers to discuss what would happen in the finale and to offer a preview of what to expect when the show returns next week.

I sat down with Eric Osborne and Andre Kim to talk about their transition into the regular cast. I asked Andre about the way that his character, Winston, really established his own identity in Season 13 as he moved past just being Miles’ sidekick and was now even dating his sister. I asked him if the show’s new season would now be β€˜The Winston Show.’ I asked Eric if his character (Miles Hollingsworth) could continue to be friends with Winston after his best friends started dating his little sister and even turned on him in the trial. We talked about the incredible way Degrassi manages to bring in new characters without alienating its fans. Whereas other teen dramas have struggled with bringing new faces in, Degrassi almost excels at it and I asked both Eric and Andre why the show is so good at it. Eric opened up about whether we would see more of Miles’ demons in the new season after his break-up with Maya, his problems with his dad and the physical altercations he got into with Zig. Finally, I asked the pair what other Degrassi characters they would like to play if they had the chance. Let’s just say the answers are surprising.

Check out the video above!

Degrassi premieres on Tuesday October 28 at 9 p.m. on MTV

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