Ronda Rousey Discusses Whether She Would Ever Step Into The Octagon Against A Male Opponent

In light of the recent domestic violence cases in the news (with the Ray Rice incident being the most prominent), Ronda Rousey was recently asked if she would ever consider fighting a male opponent in the UFC.

“People ask me ‘Do you think you can beat this person? Do you think you can beat that person?’ and I always say, ‘I’m not going to place limits on myself. I’m not going say I can’t do something,’ ” Rousey told Jim Rome on FOX Sports recently. “You can’t tell me there’s a string of circumstances and events that could lead to me not beating anyone.”

Rousey continued to say that she doesn’t believe inter-gender matches are a good idea.

“I don’t think it’s realistically a good idea at all,” Rousey said when asked about the idea of women fighting men. “Because MMA is already fighting to be accepted, especially with all the Ray Rice and all these things going on. It’s never going to be a good thing to have a man hitting a woman on television or ever in any circumstance unless it’s the gym where I’m about to go train right now after this.”

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