Elementary Spoilers: How Will Joan & Sherlock’s Relationship Change In Season 3?

While Joan and Sherlock aren’t on the best of terms when Elementary‘s third season kicks off, it appears, she still cares for him.

“Bell and Joan will get to talking about Kitty and Sherlock’s ability to be a true mentor,” executive producer Rob Doherty told TVLine.com in an exclusive preview. “And they’re both right to have some concerns. Bell points out that Joan always provided a balance or a counterbalance to Sherlock. And based on what they’ve seen from Kitty in the first couple of episodes, the dynamic, the polarity, seems to have switched. If he’s balancing her, who’s balancing him? Is this ultimately a combustible relationship? So, Joan feels a certain obligation to try to get a better sense of how those two are working together.”

It can be assumed that the pair will be back to liking each other sooner than we think.


Source: TVLine.com