Supernatural Spoilers: Crowley Through Identity Crisis After Split With Dean, Charlie Set To Return

Lots of Supernatural info today…

Now that Crowley and Dean’s friendship appears to be over, it appears the King of Hell will be the one who will suffer the residual effect.

“The journey’s a little different than last year,” Mark Sheppard told “Last year, the human element was the problem. I still think there’s a residual issue there. [Now] Crowley’s re-evaluating his position as King of Hell and his friendship with Dean. But I know there’s a lot of affection there between the two of them, whether Dean agrees to it or not.”

In addition, Felicia Day is ready to return to the series. The show’s executive producer, Robert Singer said that the Charlie that we used to know is gone.

“[It will be] a Charlie we haven’t seen before,” Singer said.

The actress herself admitted that her character “…comes back from Oz, and her experiences there have changed her.”