Chris Weidman Stunned By NSAC Not Giving Vitor Belfort Any Additional Drug Tests Despite Promising To Do So

Despite stating that they will test him until the day that he retires, the NSAC has yet to give Vitor Belfort a new drug test.

Belfort was flagged for elevated testosterone in an out of competition drug test, heading into a planned bout against Chris Weidman at UFC 173. This resulted in Vitor appearing before the NSAC back in July and at the time the commission read off what would be required of Belfort in order for him to be licensed to fight again in the state. The key points of his agreement required that he sit out until December, didm’ fight outside Nevada for his next match, and cooperated with any random blood and urine testing. As to what that testing would amount to, the commissioner put it bluntly. (transcription via MMA Fighting):

“I’ll give you my definition of reasonable testing going forward from this commissioner’s perspective,” NAC commissioner Anthony Marnell told Belfort at the hearing, “we’re going to drug test you to the day you retire. That’s my definition of reasonable. We, in my opinion, should be in and around your career until the day you call it quits.” has now confirmed that the random blood and urine tests have not taken place. NSAC executive director recently spoke to the site and revealed that the commission hasn’t even tested him once since the trial. With Weidman injuring his hand, the match between the two middleweights has also been pushed to UFC 184 in Los Angeles, CA (meaning the other directive for his release was also ignored).

Even Chris Weidman seemed surprised by the recent revelation:

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