WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 PPV Live Match Results: John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Hell in a Cell 2014. Check out our staff predictions in the Rasslin Roundtable.

The pre show had a Miz TV segment with Damien Mizdow. The panel is hosted by Renee Young and features Booker T, Paul Heyman and Alex Riley.

Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas
Bo cut a promo before the match. He is calling himself Bo Washington tonight so that he isn’t confused with the fans in Dallas. Henry was fired up and squashed Dallas in about a minute. World’s Strongest Slam and clean pin.
Winner: Henry

Dallas continued on the mic after the match and Henry laid him out.

PPV proper begins with a great Hell in a Cell historical video package.

2 out of 3 Falls for Intercontinental Title
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Cesaro
Really good match. Ziggler took two falls and Cesaro took neither in a bit of a surprise. Match was a bit shorter than I expected.
Winner: Ziggler

Loser Becomes Winner’s Bitch
Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella
Nikki won with a Rack Attack back breaker move.
Winner: Nikki

WWE Tag Team Titles
Gold & Stardust (c) vs. The Usos
About a 10 minute match, Goldust hit the Final Cut for the pin.
Winners: Gold & Stardust

Hell in a Cell – WWE World Heavyweight Title Shot
John Cena vs. Randy Orton
Interesting to see it put in the middle of the show. Both guys worked really hard. Crowd was pretty anti-Cena. Finish was an AA off the top by Cena through the table.
Winner: Cena

Rusev w/Lana vs. The Big Show
Rusev won when Big Show passed out in the Accolade. Mark Henry came down and consoled Big Show but did not turn.
Winner: Rusev

WWE Diva’s Title
AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige
Paige came down with Alicia Fox. AJ won clean when Paige tapped out to the Black Widow. Paige hit Alicia after the match.
Winner: AJ

Hell in a Cell
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose took out a bunch of chairs then climbed to the top of the cage with a kendo stick on his back. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury came out with Seth Rollins. All three went to the top of the cage. Ambrose eventually fights them off, Ambrose and Rollins brawl as they climb off the cage. They both them simultameously fly off the side of the cage through the announce tables. There are stretchers brought down, but eventually Ambrose gets up, and brings Rollins into the ring for the match. Back and forth with some great spots. Rollins hit the curb stomp but Ambrose kicked out. Ambrose gets 2 cinder blocks from under the ring, but the lights go out. Some weird German(?) then the lights come back on, Bray Wyatt is in the ring. He attacks Ambrose with chokeslam allowing Rollins to get the pin. Wyatt hits Sister Abigail after the match for good measure.
Winner: Rollins

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